October 2012

It was a busy weekend! More information about and photos of the Tennessee State Parks cake is on the Tennessee State Parks 75th Anniversary gallery page. Below are pictures from the October 2012 Day of Sharing.

In celebration of Tennessee ICES Chapter’s 25th Anniversary, Elaine Miller made memory books that were distributed to members. Two of these books were bound professionally, thanks to Debra Bittle. One of these books was presented to Leah Langford, our ICES President, and one was mailed to Betty Jo Steinman, our Founder, since she was unable to accept in person.

The table centerpieces were a combined effort from several members, and eight of them were given away as door prizes. The Jack Daniels sugar bottles were made by Laura Grater. She is going to demonstrate how to make these bottles during our 2013 Spring Day of Sharing. The cute little catfish on the right side of the board was made by Glenda Tant out of gingerbread.

Betty Dean prepared foods grown/produced in Tennessee to support our theme of Taste of Tennessee in honor of our Tennessee ICES Chapter’s 25 Year Anniversary.

Dathern Moon demonstrated how she makes her Chocolate Table for wedding receptions.

Glenda Tant, sporting her headgear from the recent convention in Reno, NV instructed us in a hands-on demo of sculpting animals from fondant. She was assisted by Alexandra Pappas.

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