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The Mission of the International Cake Exploration Societè (ICES) is to preserve, advance, and encourage exploration of the sugar arts. ICES promotes and provides opportunities for continuing education, development of future sugar artists, and enjoyment of the art form in a caring and sharing environment.

The History of the Tennessee Chapter

In 1986, Carol Spining, the owner of a local cake supply shop, Sugar Drop, sponsored Roland and Marsha Winbeckler in Nashville for classes. During our lunch break we were chatting about ICES. A few of the folks in the class had been to an ICES Convention, but most of us did not know about the organization. They were telling us about the fun, the great demonstrations, the sharing spirit of the attendees and the local Day of Sharing events in other states. We got very excited. We were having such a good time leaning from the Winbecklers and from each other and we knew we wanted more opportunities to learn about the sugar arts.

In July, 1986 we began a Cake Decorators Share Group that met once a month. We enjoyed hands-on demonstrations by one of the attendees and sharing ideas with each other. A few of us drove to the ICES convention in Indianapolis, Indiana that year. While we were there we had a caucus in Tennessee Representative, Irene Ballard’s room. We learned that there had previously been an ICES group in Tennessee. Now our enthusiasm was growing for an active Tennessee ICES group.

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